When I got accepted as a Composition and Music Production student of the HKU University of Arts Utrecht, I wanted to make it as a composer. But during my course at HKU I realized that I don’t want to just write songs, I want to make them better than they used to be!

During my graduation year I produced an album for the band “Blame it on the Drummer”. In 2013 I graduated with honour as a music producer, after which I stayed at the HKU University of Arts Utrecht as a junior lecturer in music production.

Together with my former classmate and now master engineer Brendon Heinst, I recorded the “Sonata for Cello and Piano” of Alfred Schnittke, with cellist Maya Fridman and pianist Daniël Kool. This recording was filmed by Nicky Regelink, and the collaboration worked out so well, that Brendon, Nicky, and I started a high-end music label, called TRPTK.

Whether I’m working on my own projects or with TRPTK, I always produce with the same intention: to bring back art into music. It’s not just a tune or a beat that makes a piece of music moves you, it’s the message. My vision is to convey the message of an artist as personal as possible.

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