Your art is what matters most!

Music is a form of art, and it has to be treated as such. I am always looking for the finest way to capture the movement of the music or performance, to make it sound extraordinary and unique. So whether I am recording a voice-over, a song, or even a complete music album, it’ll always have the characteristic sound of the artist.

Nothing is more satisfying than hearing your music achieve a higher level.  Every song is different and needs a different approach. I am always looking for the essence of the song that creates the fundament of my work, resulting in a dynamic, musical mix.


Get the most out of your recordings!


A fresh mind can lead to the most creative ideas!

The most critical listener is the artist himself, and a recording is only successful when the artist is completely satisfied. That’s why coaching is for me the most important part of the recording process. It gives the artist the opportunity to fully reflect on himself. I’m just there to find out where he comes from, and what drives him to make music.